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New London, CT
Hi Jeff Without a doubt you are the most thoughtful tour operator I have ever known in all my tears of traveling ! Thank you very much for the package that arrived yesterday with the CD, maps, etc All your efforts are greatly appreciated. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks again, Elizabeth

Steve and Elaine P.
Eloy, AZ
Hi Jeff Happy Thanksgiving to you !! We had a wonderful time on the trip You did everything possible to make sure everyone had a great time. I though it was a great group of people and it was so much fun to visit your "son" and his family. The holiday season is upon us and things are getting hectic as usual Our new home in Arizona is under construction and once it is complete, we'd love to have you visit! Steve and Elaine

Julie B.
Rapid City, MI
(writing in to the ITN Magazine) Jeff Garrett does an amazing job of coordinating all travel plans and keeping expenses down. I can't say enough about the wonderful job that he did making my April 5-23 trip such a success. The tour was very well organized. In Lhasa we stayed at the Kyichu Hotel, which is within walking distance of the wonderful Snowland and Dunya restaurants where our group had several meals.

Donna and Dean E.
Duluth, MN
Hi Jeff. Sent some pictures. Haven't figured out how to sen them in a one by one. What a wonderful trip !! People can't figure out why we went to Tibet. But I'm sure you understand. It's about mountains, monasteries, and mystery and the wonderful people!!

Des Moines, IA
Hi Jeff-I thought you might get a kick out of this. It took me over a year but I finally got there. I’m still working on my pictures-over 700 in all. Jeff, I want you to know the trip was wonderful. It exceeded my expectations in every way. If folks have questions and you want to refer them to me, rest assured you will get a glowing review Thanks again for all you did,~~Joe

Tijeras, NM
Glad to hear about your latest trip. Bhutan sounds great , will have to consider it later on. Many people we meet are amazed that we took a trip to Tibet. They have a misconception about Tibet, and after we tell them of how great the trip was, and what we did and saw, they have a different outlook. We always recommend your tour as one of the best. Take care Pat & Norm

Eagle, ID
It was great hearing from you. I was just talking to Georgia this morning and we were commenting on the trip. We have been sending pictures back and forth, I have to say that the trip was the most exciting I have ever taken. Wishing you well and have a great New Year! ~~Terri

Ontario, OH
(writing in to the ITN Mag) I took JMG’s tour to Tibet and Mount Everest in October and it was the most interesting I have ever been on. To stand at the Base Camp Everest and see the North Face of this mountain was breathtaking, an experience of a lifetime. I’ve been to 40 countries, and Tibet is certainly the most unique.

Spring Hill, FL
Thank you so much for sending us this picture of our group Needless to say it is the most memorable trip we have ever taken. So good to hear from you. As you know I was to have 4 more weeks of rehab from my open heart surgery, so the trip was quite a challenge to me. Jane with her Parkinsons’s problem was another difficult situation, so the both of us had obstacles to overcome. It is lucky we took the trip when we did. We’ll never forget you. Your traveling friends Lynn and Jane PS Have you tied the knot yet (maybe with a lovely young Tibetan lady)

Biloxi MS
Jeff, It was an incredible trip. You did an outstanding job !! Enjoyed the dinners with you. All the guides and drivers were great. Thanks for a wonderful tour. Wish you wonderful things in all your new ventures !!!

Pleasant Hill, CA
Thanks for the well wishes. I was just talking about you Monday. I showed a presentation of Tibet to my family and friends at a get-together. Everyone was so amazed ! I wanted to again thank you for a terrific time. I have travelled a lot and that trip will always stand out as a really great one. I do hope to go back and in fact, do you go to other parts of Tibet ? What about other countries ? I hope you have the best of holidays and I look forward to seeing you again. ~~Mike

Barbara G.
Redlands, CA
Thanks Jeff, It was a wonderful group. I feel like suggesting that we should travel again sometime. No rush in getting the photos, maps, and email addresses out. I know you just got home and probably need a breather. I look forward to catching up with the others. Thank you for a fascinating, interesting, and spiritual trip. This will stay in my memory for a long time. ~Barbara

Karen B.
Glendale, CA
It's been a month since I've been home and it hardly feels like it. In the time since getting back, I don't think I've said thank you for our trip. I want you to know how much it meant to me. Coral and I have become very good friends. I've been exchanging email with Carole and Elaine and the others. You created a good environment for those friendships to form, and I want you to know that too. Thank you again!

Drew S.
Connellsville, PA
Hi Jeff! Thank you so much for the photos and everything. It was truly the trip of a lifetime ! Best wishes for a wonderful winter in sunny Florida and hopefully we will get to join you again for another adventure.

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