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Tours to Shangri-la

Trashiccho Royal Palace-Thimphu

* Bhutan -perhaps the world's most unusual destination
* Set Itineraries as well as custom tours of any length
* You may combine your Bhutan itinerary with Nepal and Tibet

Bhutan's scenic beauty

From the moment you land in the tiny airport of Paro, you'll realize that your tour experience here will be like that of no other country. Bhutan's sights, scenery, and hospitality will always be treasured. Bhutan is truly a Shangri-la in the sky. This tiny Kingdom nestled in the Himalayas between Tibet, Nepal, and India, will amaze you at every turn. The majority of its people still dress in their traditional clothing and though their religion is Tibetan Buddhism, Bhutan and its customs are uniquely different from its northern neighbor. The King has instilled a pride in its people that will become ever so evident before your tour is completed. When you leave you'll know that you have just been to one of the last Shangri-las of the world. Let me take you there !!!

Classic Valley and Monastery

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