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Central Asia Silk Road Journey

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5 stans map


More than 2000 years ago the trade routes (the Silk Road) between China and Europe, passed through Central Asia and the countries we now call the 5 Stans. It brought the exotic treasures and goods of Central Asia to the West.

Ancient Merv-Turkmenistan

JMG's classic journey will certainly be remembered as one of your most exciting and diverse tours of a lifetime. You will marvel at sights from the 7-8th Centuries BC down through medieval times to the present day.

Ancient Petroglyph-Kyrgyzstan

The fabulous markets and bazaars of Central Asia are like no others in the world today. From fantastic mountain scenery, to magnificent architecture both medieval and modern, to wonderful culture shows, it is a journey you will never forget. Let JMG take you there.

Mountain View-Kyrgyzstan

Modern Ashgabad-Turkmenistan


* Explore the UNESCO cities of Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bhukara, and Khiva
* Visit the Silk and Ceramic centers of Margilon and Rishton in the fertile Fergana valley

Tamerlane's Bibi-Khanum-Uzbekistan

A JMG group in Bukhara-Uzbekistan


* Visit Almaty, Kazakhstan's former capital, beautifully set beneath the majestic snow capped Tien Shan mountains
* Enjoy Paniflov Park, the Cathedral, the central Green Market, the fascinating Museum of Musical instruments...and more

Aerial view of Almaty-Kazakhstan


* Overnight on the shores of the stunning Lake Issyk-kul, the 2nd largest alpine lake in the world, Surrounded by snow capped mountains, its shores are dotted with picturesque fishing villages
* We'll see ancient petroglyphs and Dolmans (stone warriors) never moved in over 2,500 years
* Be enchanted by the park filled capital city Bishkek

Sunset at Issyk-kul-Kyrgyzstan

Dolmans and Burana Tower-Kyrgyzstan


* Visit Khujand, with a breathtaking mountain backround
* Rub elbows with the locals in the fascinating Panshanbe market
* Enjoy the State Museum of Archeology, housed in the reconstructed gate of the ancient Citadel, the site of Alexander the Great's original settlement

Panshanbe Market-Khujand, Tajikistan

Citadel & Museum-Khujand, Tajikistan


*Tour the 3 great UNESCO sites of Konye-Urgench, Merv and Nisa
* Be awestruck by magnificent Ashgabad, Its avenues lined with magnificent white marble buildings and monuments. It's a true mirage in the desert with its beautiful squares, fountains, statues, and parks, once again with a desert mountain backdrop



Let me take you on a “magic carpet ride” through this fascinating land!
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